Abbreviations and Anagrams are the trends these days but, a lot of people are still not sure about a lot of abbreviations and how they can be used. So in this blog, we are going to tell you about one of the most common and popular abbreviations used by many people through texting and chatting.


What Is NGL?

NGL full form is Not Gonna lie and lets me tell you that this abbreviation is very famous on Reddit and Twitter but in mainstream social media, the abbreviation is not known to many users. Used most commonly in the beginning of any sentence where you want to stress the honesty and the vulnerability of the message, NGL is very commonly used in texts. 

In popular culture, NGL meaning refers to just an honest opinion of any person like “NGL, I love roller coasters.”. But, the use of this word is also not very simple as it can also be used for emotions like rudeness, flattery, insult and others. There are many different ways in which NGL can be used by different people and this is the main reason why we cannot fix a simple and general NGL meaning in chat

 It is important to understand that the term is used according to what people wish to convey and what is the medium of their conversations. The term was said to be introduced somewhere in the last 100 years just like the other different abbreviations used in chat. This term is often used to put emphasis on the honest and vulnerable opinion of a person but it is also simply used in empty colloquialism which is why most people often ignore it’s importance.

Hence, NGL meaning in the text is something that can be used to express an honest opinion but can change according to people.  


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