On social media, your username is the topmost priority I guess. People know by this username only. this username helps you to create your brand. But many of the people who are facing issues on this Facebook page isn’t eligible to have a username To get rid of this. Then read this blog post to solve your issues.

Why Does Facebook Shows ‘I am not eligible to Create a Username?

  1. Maybe the username you want is already taken.
  2. As your username is so short or too long. 
  3. It should have alphanumeric words
  4. You need to be a page admin to make a Facebook page username.


Method to Fix Facebook Error “You are not eligible to create a username”?

Here are the steps for Facebook page username eligibility.

  1. First of all, make your account an admin
  2. then click on the setting on the Facebook app
  3. In the setting, there will be an option of page role press on that.
  4. Then click on assign for a new role
  5. In that role, the column writes your email and password.
  6. Then there will choice is given to handle the page change your role from editor to admin.
  7. Then press add
  8. Once you are done with this go back to your Facebook account.
  9. Then click on manage pages. this option is on the right side
  10. Then select the page on which you want to make your username.
  11. Then go to the about section.
  12. Then press on create a new username.
  13. Now username option will available according to your niche. Choose them or create your own.

For more read – https://writeupcafe.com/quick-tips-to-fix-you-are-not-eligible-to-create-a-facebook-page-username/