If you are wondering how you can send automatic replies when you are out of office then follow the steps given by us. You can also search out of office message Outlook examples further.

1. The first step is to open the File tab and then click on Automatic replies.

2. There you need to choose the option that says ‘Send automatic replies’.

3. If you are making these settings for the future and do not want to send immediate replies then, tap on the option ‘Only Send during this time range’.

4. Here you need to choose the time range for out of office messages. You will see the format and choose the date and time that you prefer. This will set the time for an automatic reply.

5. Now, you must type a new message. Use the Toolbar to format the text you have written or you can also cut and paste a text. You can also add hyperlinks to the message.

6. Then, the last step is to tap on ‘Ok’.

With this procedure, you can send simple out of office message as automatic replies very easily. Hope the information given by us will help you and you can benefit from it.