Are you not able to use messenger on your iPhone then this is the right place to get the answers for the same? So, let us get to know why isn’t messenger working and how you can get rid of this problem.  

Ways to Fix Messenger Not Working on an iPhone Device – 

1. Restarting your iPhone Device 

Sometimes the issue might be with the iPhone device which you are using and this issue could be the reason why your Messenger is not working on your iPhone device. For this, you need to turn off the iPhone device you are using and then turn it on again after some time. You can try again to check if Messenger not working on iPhone is working or not

2. Closing out the messenger app you are using 

If you are thinking why is FB messenger not working then the issue could be with the messenger app you are using. It is possible that if you will close the messenger once and then it might fix the minor glitches which you are facing.

3. Updating the messenger application you are using 

If iPhone messenger not working then you should look for any updates available for this app as it is possible that because of not being updated it is causing issues for you. Once, you have found the updates for this app you need to install it immediately on your device and then run it. Now, you can check again if the issue has been fixed or not. 

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Other possible ways which you can try to get rid of this issue are to first delete and then install the messenger app again on the device you are using or you can also check if the messenger app is down or not and if yes then you can just wait. 


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