Instagram is at the forefront of the social media platforms and leading the pack in terms of the number of people that use Instagram. So, it is natural that the number of people has increased to that level and then people would want to increase the number of followers. Now, if you look at Instagram and the things people do to increase their followers, it is looked at as a full-fledged profession. Numerous factors come together to make an increase in the number of people who follow their account, including the Instagram account name. Some users make a name and then want to change it later on for various reasons, we will discuss in the next section whether users are allowed to change the username. 


Why Can’t I Change My Instagram Username?

Users of Instagram are obsessed with an Instagram username and want the best username for themselves. In this section, we will discuss why you can’t change your Instagram username. 

  • Instagram does not let you change your username only if the username that you want is already taken. That is the primary reason for users to face this username issue on Instagram.
  • If this is the reason why you can’t change your usernames for Instagram then you must pick a name that is not taken. Use underscores, numbers, and different names that might not be taken by other Instagram users. 
  • Sometimes, people change their username and then want the previous one back again. In this case, people might lose their username and would then have to take a different username. 

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