Do you keep thinking why does youtube keep pausing? The majority of YouTube viewers have experienced their videos pausing constantly and displaying a message “The video is currently pausing. Please look.” You have to press the “YES” button in order for the game to continue playing after you have been inactive or while you are listening to background music. Having trouble? Try any of these: Put an end to youtube keeps pausing unexpectedly and enjoy continuous playback.


Way To Fix YouTube Videos Pausing Issue on All Browsers

1. Extending pauses 

People have devised imaginative, flexible solutions to this problem. To disable “Video is paused. Watch out!” Install a browser plugin to stop YouTube from pausing, such as YouTube NonStop, AutoTube – YouTube nonstop, YouTube Auto Pause Blocker, YouTube – Don’t Stop, etc. YouTube NonStop is free, open-source, and compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. 

2. GitHub 

Still, wondering how to stop youtube from pausing? Visit to download Chrome and Firefox Add-ons. Install “Install Chrome Extensions” on Opera, then install YouTube NonStop from the Chrome store. 

After installation, you won’t need to click “YES” again. YouTube NonStop lets you listen to music without interruption by automatically clicking “Yes” on prompt boxes. If interested, try it on some extensions. 

3. Watch the video later. 

Users of mobile devices and televisions ought to download offline material. Due to copyright issues, there aren’t many programs or internet apps that can prevent youtube keeps stopping.


Random pauses occur when using YouTube. Why? It’s possible that YouTube will automatically pause videos if a user hasn’t interacted with the site for a certain amount of time (which can be customized by YouTube). It is common knowledge that advertisements are the primary source of income for YouTube. Customers who watch videos on YouTube while listening to music will miss adverts that have been artfully placed on the website, which will result in financial loss for YouTube. It’s possible that they are restricting this behavior in order to keep YouTube from freezing up. You’ve identified two different approaches that can prevent YouTube from freezing up. 

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