If you have come to visit this page, then most probably you will be with a question: ‘How can I get my Instagram back after being disabled’? Is it correct, then we assure you that you have come to the right page, hence leave all the tensions beside you and now let’s see how to get back the disabled Instagram account


Few Details About Instagram: 

A popular social media platform is Instagram which is accessed by most teens and adults. So users when they face any glitches in their Instagram account or if their account is being disabled, they feel lonely and bored. 


Reasons your Instagram Got Disabled:

In most cases, we are confused without knowing the reason why Instagram disabled my account? So first let’s see the reasons for your account to be disabled.

Violating the community guidelines that are set by Instagram will be violated by some users and the accounts of such users will be disabled. 


How to Find if My Instagram Account is Disabled?

Another question that most of them have is if my ‘Instagram account deleted’, how will I know? 

When you try to sign in to your Instagram account, you will get a popup message from Instagram saying that your account has been disabled. 


How to Get Back my Disabled Account?

When you realize that Instagram deactivated my account and if you want to get back your account follow the steps that are given below. 

  • You can visit the official contact page of the Instagram account to get connected.
  • Enter the basic information in the required fields and once you are done with that you can click on the option sent. 
  • Note: Never mention anywhere that you are sorry and you will never repeat this kind of act further. This kind of apologies message confirms that you have violated and will not convince Instagram to get back your account.

Once you confirm that ‘Instagram deleted account’ because you have violated the guidelines, you can appeal as much time as you need until you recover your account.

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