There are some very common and useful methods that you can try if your Snapchat is not loading a snap. These methods are tried by us and work well.

Method 1: Reboot your phone

Usually, when Snapchat does not load snaps then, it is because of the device and some configuration error between the device and then application. In this case, you can try and reboot your phone which will completely refresh it. This will solve any technical glitch the app is facing and your problem will be resolved. 

Method 2: Update the Application

Many times this problem arrives if you are using an outdated version of the application. It is very important to regularly update the app so that it can adapt to all the new features and fix any issue with the app. So, you should update your application and then retry tap to Load Snapchat.

Method 3: Turn off the Snapchat optimization

If you are wondering how to fix Snapchat when your app won’t load any new snaps then, you can also try to close the app optimization which saves the data and optimizes the app. But, while this feature helps the app it also sometimes, cause glitches within the application and prevent the snaps from loading. 

There are some other methods that you can also try like closing off your data saver if Snapchat stories not loading. There is also a website called Ityug247 that can help you a lot in such cases.


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