If your office is upgraded with a 365 subscription then, you don’t have to activate Microsoft office 2010. You need to sign up only. If you have bought the low version of Microsoft office then, you have to link 25 product keys with the receipt list to your account.

Using a Microsoft Office on Windows

Open Microsoft office 2010 crack on your pc. you can opt from the menu.

  • If you have not downloaded Microsoft office 2010 crack then, download it from www.office.com.
  • Then sign up with the purchase account and then click next and put your email address using that mail only which is a link to your Microsoft account.
  • Put in your password and your Microsoft account will be activated.

Using a Microsoft Office on a Mac

  1. Introduce Microsoft Office on your Mac. Assuming you haven’t effectively done as such, you’ll need to introduce and recover Microsoft Office before you can activate it.
  • Open URL https://www.office.com. sign in if you have not signed in with your account. attached to Microsoft office. but if you have got a .microsoft from your office then use that information.
  • If you are not able to, see the option of sin in ten open this URL https://aka.ms/office-install and install Microsoft office crack 2010. 
    • Purchase the Microsoft office by clicking on buy office at the upper right corner and then follow the screen instruction as directed.
  • Press on download and click the Microsoft Office-Installer. pkg
    • Open your file if your file is not opening then, wait for 20 sec and open it again. 
    • When it opens, the press continues and follows the screen instruction. 
    • When it, is installed press close.
  1. Unlock any Office application. You can allow it from any of the Office applications such as Microsoft Word To open Word, Finder, select the Applications, Microsoft Word in the “Microsoft Office area.
  2. Press on started and click the sign-in option to activate
  • if the sign-in option is not visible then open the file, press the menu, after that, enter sign-in to bring it back.
  1. After that, put your mail and pass and click on next.
  2. Microsoft office will allow that account only which has an active purchase.

(note- your activation will be failed if you have not attached the account with a subscription

  1. Press on using the office to activate it.

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